Jan 292012
And We Will Watch Part 2, Rev 8-12

  Part 2 Rev. 8:7-12 And We Will Watch   First question: Is it possible to know how fast this comet is traveling? We have time and distance. Second question: Is it possible to know the time frame in which this comet will come? We have a time a time frame. Third question: Is it possible […]

Jan 292012
Part 1, Rev. 8: 7-12; Comet impact, and we will watch.

Part 1, Rev. 8: 7-12; Comet impact, A present day view of Revelation / Apocalypse – Wormwood – Comet, Tsunami. Part 1 of Part 2 Introduction, When exploring Revelation passages 8:7 – 12, I found these passages to be already as close to a reality as it can get.To use other supporting apocalyptic sources, other than the […]

Dec 012011
A Message to the Readers from the Author

  Apocalypses, Revelations, The End, Mysterious maybe! The Authors message to the readers. In the midst of everything mankind has created, our worldly achievements, the mysteries we have uncovered; have we ever seen the face of the man that invented gunpowder? The man that invented the first hanging mirror? The man that invented the first piece […]

Oct 312011

Introduction: Revelation, Apocalypse, End Times! The author goes into detail descriptions of the passages written in the ancient Book of Revelations. This emphases is based on the possible meaning of how very unusually descriptive and detailed writings that describe 21st Century instruments of destruction. The Author brings you to profound and blunt realities pertaining to very unusual […]

Oct 252011
Angels, The View and Resource on Angels

In the book of Revelation and all through the Bible, there are a lot of references pertaining to “Angels.”  To help understand the Authors views in perspective to the book Revelation, I decided to do a short resource on Angels, because the distinctive meaning and views are very important to the outcomes I present in my […]

Sep 132011
The Global Dance-The Atomic Bomb

To start with, Einstein sent a letter to Roosevelt in 1939.  Within the letter Einstein expressed his concerns!  The atomic bomb is the greatest threat the world has.  This actual letter prompt the building of the beginning of nuclear warfare. Second Source: This information from another source is extracted from a book called “WAR THROUGH THE […]

Sep 102011
Rev. 6:12 - 14, heaven departed as a scroll

Have you ever played the game “Charades?”  When John was given a vision, remember he didn’t have the necessary word vocabulary to decipher what he was looking at.  So he described these things in what we call written Pictorial Language. Let me begin with some simple passages I picked out, my objectives are to allow you […]

Sep 082011
Rev 10: 1-4 , Missile Re-entering sequence found!

Rev 10: 1-4 , Missile Re-entering sequence found! Interpretation. Rev 10:1-And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud:  And a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire. Rev 10:2-And he had in his hand a little […]