Dec 012011


Apocalypses, Revelations, The End, Mysterious maybe!

The Authors message to the readers.

In the midst of everything mankind has created, our worldly achievements, the mysteries we have uncovered; have we ever seen the face of the man that invented gunpowder? The man that invented the first hanging mirror? The man that invented the first piece of writing paper? Their faces are a mystery, and yet we accept that they did exist because we still hold, see and use what they have created. How many times have you or a friend remember having a dream, and it coming true right in front of your eyes, or a friend seeing you in a place you have never been. Have you ever just paused and wondered about the stories of others that have experienced these same mysteries?

In the course of over 50 years, I’ve been very much attracted to the mysteries in the book of Revelation. My personal insights are that there are way to many familiarities between what details that are written in the passages that describe very unique things that have only been around in the past 75 years. I, being the author; what articles you find on my web site are my documented interpretations and perceptions of my views, kept plain and simple.

On one side of the belief spectrum, the Book of Revelation has become embedded into our population’s religious beliefs as the end of days. My view is on the other side of this same spectrum as I personally view it as a warning to humankind where as there will be survivors in the way of many different beliefs. I firmly believe that mankind and their overly stressed and unchecked behaviors in governments will dictate the date of our end times!

We are supposed to be the caretakers of ourselves, and this very unusual planet we live on. Our scientists have searched the stars for many years, and have not found any other delicate living planet as gifted. Thus far, we are a one of a kind system of life. Humankind on earth has an immense systematic body of knowledge that cannot be measured. In this sense, we have absolutely everything we need, and then some, to live and resolve any issue deemed destructive to life, as we know it. In another view, we all have to be responsible in reversing our harmful earthly mistakes that we have created. For almost 60 years we have had the capacity to destroy every living organism on this planet.

Many times in the course of my life, on a clear beautiful evening, I am mesmerized by the ancient moon craters that have scarred it surface; it is a mirror image and record of our earths ancient past. I’ve always wondered how many times the earth was destroyed and then reborn with some type of life. Since these times, I visualized the hundred of thousands of years it took to scribe this planet to be suitable for life. I can only convey to you the reader, the process that it took for the earth to allow life, and that the Book Revelation expresses that man will destroy much of it.

The biggest mystery about the Book Revelation is that it is a book written two thousand years ago. We all ask ourselves, is the book Revelation fiction or non-fiction?  Its detailed symbolic charade type writings identify objects and destructive behaviors of mass destruction that only corresponds with the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Not only does it describe objects only known in these centuries, it also depicts systematic behaviors or in a orderly fashion in the very same sense. In our scientific minds; “show me – prove it to me;” it’s hard to grasp and acknowledged that a message could be sent by a ancient mentality from the past that can only be understood in our present day knowledgeable and educated societies.

I have been writing documents and keeping notes on these passages from the book Revelation in my spare time for a very long time. This information has been kept private. Periodically I would allow a friend to view bits and pieces of my interpretations. In these times, those individuals were waiting for my next interpretation. Now keep in mind that this started out as a curious private hobby, and now my views are being retrofitted for this web site. The passages that I view are deployed only if I can prove a better than 80% probability that there is meaning in a passage supported by present day resources backed by facts for the correlations.

Now, I will document written historic facts that support and correlate with passages. I will not post names, unless they are in the lime light of a positive view in nature. My articles that I produce on my web site are proof read to assure that rules are being followed. The proofreaders have to understand and make sense of what is being expressed, or the article is returned to me.

Bias’s, I have made it a sincere point not to become bias in any nature. So I will not sphere head any known sect or lead anyone to believe that I stand for any anti nor non-anti political or nonpolitical Religious or Government movements. That is not the nature of this document. My articles are for everyone to read, my strict intent is not to judge any person, sect or belief system. Therefore my name has been omitted from this web site, although a pen name is some day possible.

In all safe curiosity, I would like to bring your attention to a survey that has been implemented on my web site, it is safe and secure. It will not ask for any personal or vital information. The questions that are asked are all in check box form. The safe questions that are asked are; your age, what continent are you living on and your belief system, that’s it. Nothing is bought or sold on this web site. After you click on the vote box, your answers are immediately calculated as to how many people are viewing articles of this nature. Once you have voted your answers, you will be able to review the compiling results that come from all over the world.

 Nice talking to you, the author.