Oct 312011

Introduction: Revelation, Apocalypse, End Times!

The author goes into detail descriptions of the passages written in the ancient Book of Revelations. This emphases is based on the possible meaning of how very unusually descriptive and detailed writings that describe 21st Century instruments of destruction. The Author brings you to profound and blunt realities pertaining to very unusual scripture that will not let you escape its reality. The written views expressed, are over stunning to most readers.

It is hard for anyone to imagine ancient prophecies written 2000 years ago could impact our present day societies where as the so noted “End Times” would bring so much attention to Advertising, Hollywood, Book publishing and even the History Channel! The puzzling questions we all ask ourselves, are we viewing fiction or non-fiction information. The information provided, will leave you the readers in your deepest thoughts.

Is it possible?

       The resources used to in support of the selected passages on this web site, are kept in easy reach for all readers. The Book of revelation is a simple reading, although it is congested with ancient understandings; the most of it can be understood without too much speculation. It is unnecessary to use any other apocalyptic support, where as other forums will only congest its simplicity.

There are no cute little pink elephants dancing across my web pages, no advertisements, nothing for sale and no trailing hooks.

Have a good read