About the Author


About the Author:

I grew up in a small industrious town surrounded by a rural farming community in southern Minnesota. I graduated from High School and remained working in the farming sector for a few years before entering into post secondary trade schools and then I continued on in a few State Colleges. It was always my dads dream for his children to become much more educated then himself, whereas he grew up in the coal mining industries in Ohio. His emphasis was not to use our backs, use our heads. Later on I landed a job where I remained for over twenty years working as a maintenance technician in the areas of electro-mechanical, fluid power, HVAC, boilers and a few other interesting job challenges. All through this time I also raised five children and paid bills, just like some of you.  My life in this area was not boring, and my life did not end here.

I gave up all the education and years of experience to work with adults with disabilities. This allowed more education and a totally new direction in life for me. Here I found more meaningful challenges and my true calling. I found that I literally had to start using a whole different part of my brain. This type of work had nothing to do with multi-meters, pressure gages or electro-mechanical equipment. It dealt more with human compassion and sensitivity.

From early on in my life, I developed a passion for the book of Revelation. I spent a lot of time sitting in Biblical study groups geared in the direction of religious formats. A person can learn a lot about Bible history and other particulars sitting in the right groups.

For several years, I have been tracking the similarities and associations between what was documented in the book of Revelation and modern day technology. I began to realize that the frequency of similarities was unusually high.  It is these circumstances that lead me to the construction of this web site, 21st Century Revelations.

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