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To start with, Einstein sent a letter to Roosevelt in 1939.  Within the letter Einstein expressed his concerns!  The atomic bomb is the greatest threat the world has.  This actual letter prompt the building of the beginning of nuclear warfare.

Second Source:

This information from another source is extracted from a book called “WAR THROUGH THE AGES”, by Lynn Montross, Copyright 1944,46 and 60. Lib. Congress No. 60-7533.  In general this book is about the strategies of wars, losses, downfalls, luck, propaganda’s, cold wars, and the politicians and governments that started these wars.  Basically she states, war itself Is a Disease of Politics.  Atomic research for military purposes began in 1941 when Americans, British and Canadian scientists pooled their knowledge at the request of Roosevelt and Churchill.  Three small cities were built in the U.S. to furnish plants and laboratories, and $2 billion went into experiments conducted by 65,000 scientists and technicians–“Yep, that’s right; 65 thousand.”  Montross goes on to say that; the thought of ensuing months showed evidences of panic after the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan.  Statesman, educators, clergymen and soldiers of the English speaking nations gave out gloomy statements; and the scientists who had created this new weapon were equally bewildered.  Also in this text was written that U.S. General Douglas MacArthur was ordered to stand down from a full assault on the Japanese mother land!  The Japanese Government started their surrender procedures two months before the atomic bombs were dropped!

Third Source:

Douglas MacArthur (1880–1964), U.S. General.  Speech, Sept 2, 1945, broadcast shortly after atomic bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the subsequent surrender of Japan, ending the Second World War.  He Quoted-We have had our last chance.  If we do not devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door.

Fourth Source:

Excerpts taken from a college book called the “Annotated Instructor’s Edition “Society” The basics by John J. Macionis–Copyright 2004 on Pg. 328, it states!  Despite the easing of the superpower tensions, the world still contains 20,000 nuclear warheads, representing a destructive equivalent to five tons of TNT for every person on this planet.  It also states that Great Britain, France, China, Israel, India, and Pakistan are the current members of the nuclear club.  Experts say Libya, Iran, Iraq and North Korea have programs to develop nuclear weapons.  By 2010, as many as fifty countries could have the ability to fight a nuclear war.


Now this generation of scientists that created the atom bomb were still a hardened people based on 21st Century perception.  What do I mean by a hardened people?  This generation went from horse and buggy to automobiles, one half-acre backyard gardens to fast foods restaurants, telegraphs to telephone, household plumbing, electricity and airplanes within thirty years!  The fact of the matter is that outhouses were still in use beyond this generation–and yet this generation developed the math to figure out the working dynamics to build and set off an atomic bomb without the help of any scientific computers.

Now, if these backyard bunch of hicks can produce an atomic bomb (That generation presumed in their time equal of being a third world country according to today’s 21st Century standards)–then anyone in this present Century can do the same,-all they need is one key element!  Oh, by the way,-approximately thirty years ago, news slipped out that something like 120 nuclear Russian detonators were unaccounted for,-I wonder if they found them.  I no longer have the source info on this issue, so these unaccounted detonators have been labeled an urban legend.

As a result of this generation that created the atomic bomb, the earth itself has developed three very serious issues.  (1) As everyone understands is the fallout!  (2) Every time there is an underground nuclear test, it rings the earth like a bell-causing the earth to vibrate.  This can and will cause the earths plates and volcanoes to move and wake up prematurely.  (3) What’s the first thing a science teacher tells you not to do with magnets?  The mother of all rules is, do not tap sharply on a magnet, and do not drop a magnet on a hard surface floor!  That is because it will loose it’s magnetism!  Oh!–The earth’s axis depends on magnetic poles.  Nuclear Fusion is the major key to the creation to whom and what we are.  I’m leaving the rest of the story to you (the Reader).